Ekingura is an official museum of Ekin art in Akaoka, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture.

About Ekingura

Ekingura management committee

About Ekingura management committee

Ekingura is being ran by the NPO Ekingura steering committee which was appointed by Konan-city.
The members of the management committee are volunteers from Akaoka’s retail community.

They have rich experience in community development from viewing the reactions of tourist witnessing Ekingura.

The people who manage Ekingura

General staff and volunteers are co-working at Ekingura.
The average age of the volunteers is about 70 years old.
They cherish each task as if Ekingura was one of their very own children.

Their wisdom and experience have helped many people come and enjoy Ekingura.

History of Ekingura

Ekingura management committee was founded by members of “Akaoka’s community”.
They next applied for (1) the Appointment of a Designated Manager.

For the first time in any of Kochi’s cultural institutions a designated manager was appointed.

Ekingura opened

In only its fifth month the attendance reached 10,000 people.

Appointed as the manager a second time.

Appointed as the manager a third time.

The 200th anniversary of the birth of Ekin.

The 10th anniversary of Ekingura was held.

(1) Local government appointed a private manager for running the institutions which have high public profiles. This manager is selected every few years.

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