Ekingura is an official museum of Ekin art in Akaoka, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture.

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Facility Guide

Guidance of Exhibition Halls

1st exhibition hall Ekin's Night

Rich picture colors that
glow in the dark

Ekin used rich colors and drew evocatively.
Ekin’s pictures are said to have on overwhelming presence especially when viewed in near darkness.

Each picture captures the imagination of each visitor with their powerful presence.
This is because, they are illuminated by the swaying light of candles so they seem like they are moving.
In Akaoka town, it is our practice to open Ekin's pictures to the public for one night each year during the summer festival.
For this reason, the pictures in the summer festival are replicas.
Ekingura reproduces the night of the Ekin festival.
This is why the exhibition hall is kept dim and the reason why we change the pictures once every two months.

2nd exhibition hall Storeroom Peep Hole

To keep the culture alive

Ekingura was founded to keep Ekin's works (including his folding screens)alive and to transmit Akaoka's unique culture.
We archive these pictures in the most suitable environment possible.

However, we would like you to see the real pictures and not just the replicas.
Now, we have the hall itself where one is able to view the actual pictures.

Storeroom Peep Hole of this month

closed !!(2020.10.27ー2021.4.?)

3rd exhibition hall Ekin's Story

To unveil the mystery of Ekin's life

The life of Ekin is hidden in a veil of mystery.
We display episodes of his mysterious life and the pictures he drew under the patronage of Tosa's aristocracy.

In addition, we are attempting to revive the cityscape of Akaoka town as seen in those days.
Now, we are making new sections which memorialize the 200th anniversary of Ekin's birth.
Please take a quick look at the exhibits.

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