Ekingura is an official museum of Ekin art in Akaoka, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture.

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Ekin Festival

Ekin Festival

Ekin Festival

In 1977, Akaoka - Yoshikawa district society of commerce decided to develop the town.
This was how the Ekin festival was started.
The Ekin festival is an imitation of Akaoka town’s SURUDA HACHIMANGU’s festival.

On the day, there are a lot of street stalls and Ekin’s pictures are displayed along the street front of the shopping district. Also many events are held creating a lively atmosphere.
Now, an Ekin festival steering committee runs this festival. The committee members are part of the chamber of commerce, street shops and the individual owners of each folding screen picture.
The Ekin festival are supported by local street shops, companies and groups.

In 2009, each folding screen picture which is displayed on the day of the festival, was assigned a tangible cultural asset of Kochi prefecture.

Date Saturday and Sunday in 3rd week of July
Place Honmachi, Akaoka town, Konan city
and Yokomachi shop street
Detail Tosa Ekin KABUKI
Takagi Shuzo opens their warehouse
for visitors at night.
Ekingura opens for visitors at night.
Beer Garden
Promoter The Ekin festival steering committee
In Konan city’s Chamber of commerce
691-2, Akaoka town, Konan city, Kochi Pref.,

◎In the case of Rain

In the case of poor weather then the pictures will be displayed at the owner’s house. If it is light rain, you can view at certain garages.
In severe weather, heavy rain or wind, many of the folding screens will not be displayed.

◎About Taking Pictures

To stop the pictures from deteriorating, please do not use a flash if you want to take any pictures. Let’s pass on the magic of Ekin to the next generations.

Please be aware of other people around you when taking any pictures.


To put motion to the images depicted in Ekin’s pictures, the Tosa Ekin Kabuki was founded by volunteers. The Kabuki is on the same day as the festival and is presented on the Bentenza stage in front of the Ekingura.

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