Ekingura is an official museum of Ekin art in Akaoka, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture.

About Ekingura

Ekingura History

The driving force behind creating the Ekingura project was to highlight one of the attractions available in Akaoka town.

In 1993 members of Akaoka’s Kabuki theater established the “Ekingura Folklore Group” to re-enact Ekin’s pictures in their play.

In 1995 a group of house wives in Akaoka bound together to make certain goods to further represent the importance of Ekin in their community.
Around the same time a group of students created the “Winter’s Summer Festival”.
Therefor whole Akaoka town got encouraged to create revenue to further develop the Ekingura project.

In February 2007, through the foundations of hard work and mutual sacrifice, the first blocks of the Ekingura Warehouse were carefully laid.

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