Ekingura is an official museum of Ekin art in Akaoka, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture.

User Guide

Annual passport

In 2008, the third anniversary of Ekingura came round.
Taking this opportunity, we started selling annual passports.
This passport provides some privileges and also makes a good souvenir.
Please feel free to purchase, all you have to do is ask.

Fee Adults ¥2,000
Senior High Students ¥1,200
Primary & Junior High Students ¥600
Privileges ・For purchaser only, admission fee is free for a year
・Ordinal present.
・Admission fee of escorted person will be reduced by 50 yen.
・A quarterly Ekingura magazine, “The KURA TUSHIN” will be sent.
・Entrance fee of playing Akaoka-town KARUTA by walking. Except drinking fee
Attention ・This passport is effective for one year only.
・This passport can’t be used during the Ekin-festival.
・Can’t be used by any other person than original purchaser.
・Must be shown on entering Ekingura.
・Payment by cash only.

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