Ekingura is an official museum of Ekin art in Akaoka, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture.

Ekin Festival


The traditional festival at SURUDA HACHIMANGU

Suruda Hachimangu is located in the north of Akaoka town.
During this summer festival, you can see fantastic scenes which are created from candle light and represent Ekin during the Edo era.
Usually18 pictures of Ekin are depicted in this shrine.
On the night of the festival, pictures are displayed along the street front as far as 2km from the shrine.
All lights from vending machines and street lights are turned off to capture the mood of a bygone era.

Date 14th and 15th of July
The displaying of each picture begins at sunset.
About 19pm to 19:30pm
Place Along the street front of Akaoka town, Konan City.
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◎In the case of Rain

In the case of poor weather, the pictures will be displayed at the owner’s house. If it is light rain, you can view at certain garages.
In severe weather, heavy rain or wind, many of the folding screens will not be displayed.

◎About Taking Pictures

To stop the pictures from deteriorating, please do not use a flash if you want to take any pictures. Let’s pass on the magic of Ekin to the next generations.

Please be aware of other people around you when taking any pictures.

The difference between the Ekin festival and the traditional festival at Suruda Hachimangu festival

At both festivals Ekin's pictures are displayed but the atmospheres are completely different.
The Ekin festival has street stalls and many events like kabuki, so this festival is very lively.
On the other hand, the event of Suruda Hachimangu festival is all about viewing the pictures and the atmosphere is contemplative and quiet. We recommend that you attend both festivals because both festivals are unique in their own way.

◎the number of displays

The Eking festival 23 pictures
festival at SURUDA HACHIMANGU 18 pictures

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