Ekingura is an official museum of Ekin art in Akaoka, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture.


Shopping and Quisine around Ekingura

Taking a Meal


One can eat “Chirimen-bowl”, a dish using young dried sardines which are a specialty of Akaoka.
Additionally, there is a “special of the day” on offer.
3mins by walking.

Closed; Mon, Sat and Sunday’s night
Open; 11:30 to 14:00 17:00 to 23:00
Tel; 81+54-5376

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TOSAWO Restaurant

This restaurant offers a lot of local dishes and caters for small parties if required.
No scheduled holidays
5mins by walking
Open;8am to 20pm

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TAIBINBI A traditional sweet shop and TAIYAKI shop

You can enjoy a sample of the good old days here.
Tsumami-tai, a dish made from leek, octopus and burdock is the specialty and makes a popular souvenir. This restaurant also acts as a design studio.
3mins by walking

No scheduled holidays
Open;10am to 18pm

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NISHIGAWA-YA ORIGIN Japanese sweet Café

NISHIGAWA-YA was opened in the Edo-era and reopened after additional renovations.
Here, you can see valuable historical artifacts and drink powdered green tea.
Moreover, the traditional Japanese story of ”RAKUGO” is held here.
We recommend trying “YAMA NO IMO MANJU,” a Japanese steamed bun stuffed with mountain potato.
3mins by walking

Opened; Sat and Sun 10am to 6pm

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OKKOU-YA general store

There are a lot of miscellaneous goods and handmade crafts.
You can make your own traditional bag from a “Kome-bukuro,” a rice bag.
3mins by walking.

Closed Thursday
Open;10am to 18pm

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TAGAKI-SYUZO specializes in rice wine ”TOYO NO UME” which is drunk at the DOROME festival.
You can sample the wine and visit the warehouse where it is made.
5mins by walking

Closed Satday and Sunday
※ open sometimes so please ask

Open;8am to 17pm

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MIURA-YA seafood (dried young sardines)

It’s Akaoka so it’s all about “DOROME”. So in Miura-Ya you can taste the best of young dried sardines. When you want to buy DOROME, it’s best to contact before you arrive.
10mins by walking

Open;8:15am to 17pm

Euro glass craft

They sell custom made euro glass, stained glass and so on.
10mins by walking

Closed;Sat, Sun and each holiday
Open;9am to 17pm

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